ProGineer Technologies is a Palestinian-based software outsourcing company that offers various outsourcing and offshore services for corporate clients building complex software systems. This includes, but is not limited to, software design and development, automated and manual Quality Assurance services and advanced support and data integration services. Our staff is composed of engineering and computer science graduates and have majors in the computer science, computer engineering, IT and electrical engineering fields. We currently have over 50 employees, many with advanced Masters and PhD degrees, and this number is continually growing to better serve our clients.

Benefits of working with ProGineer Technologies:

  • Create efficiency and cost savings.
  • Minimize overhead cost.
  • Provide better operational control.
  • Enable better risk and continuity management.

ProGineer Technologies is taking part in the Tamkeen program, a program that helps boost the capacity building of IT companies, and guides them to become better and more competitive especially in the international market. This program is sponsored by Cisco in partnership with Positeam. Through this activity, five of its key staff members are exposed to international best practices in areas such as management and leadership, software development processes, communication and presentation skills, project management, HR and business and marketing.

The ProGineer Technologies team is composed of a very diverse group of driven and hardworking individuals who have their own experiences in the programming and IT scene. Our professionals are knowledgeable in a wide scope of software and computer program concerns and are qualified to cope with any task related to these fields. Our diverse team is one of the biggest assets that have made our company successful in what we do.

At ProGineer Technologies, we offer our clients:

  • Technical teams who are experts in various stages of the software lifecycle and who implement best practices to provide the best results.
  • Daily use of all modern communications tools; email, Skype live conference calls.
  • Core management who worked with international companies and with international customers around the world.
  • A focus on quality of work delivered in a timely manner.
  • Teams who are skilled to work with remote managers or colleagues (distributed work environment).
  • Cost-effective offerings that give the customer the most for their money.
  • Emphasis on customer IP security and confidentiality.