Hardware Design Verification Services

ProGineer has a long solid track record in software products development, testing and qualification. Recently and with the hiring of Silicon Valley experts in hardware design and verification, ProGineer is taking a strong step forward towards becoming a Design Verification (DV) house. ProGineer DV team is committed to excellence in verification services and adherence to projects time constraints.

Our hardware experience covers various hardware components and IPs such as memories, network processors, Ethernet MACs, AMBA bus…etc. It also include peripheral devices and protocols such as I2C, USB, PWM, and Timers.

The DV team has experience in design using Verilog, and verification using SystemVerilog and Specman, with tools from Cadence, Mentor Graphics, and Sysnopsys. The team is ready to take ownership of customer design verification phase, and deliver high quality of services and solutions, along with proper documentation and clear communication.


VLSI & Semiconductor Relevant Experience

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  • Semiconductor manufacturing process: Fab data analysis
    • Analyze different types of data including defect, wafer sort, and real time fault detection
    • Correlate yield data and provide prediction of yield issues
    • Develop UIs and generate required technical reports
  • IC Design using different technologies (FPGA, ASIC, memory)
  • Pre-silicon Design Verification (SystemVerilog, Specman)
  • Post-silicon Design Validation of specialty memory devices and network processors.
  • Solid hands on experience in Object Oriented programming structure relevant to System Verilog
  • Embedded system applications design using different microcontrollers and firmware programming (C, Assembly)
  • Experience in automated testing of complex systems and APIs.
  • Experience with the full software development cycle and the use of systems such as Jira, SVN, and GIT.