PITA Membership

ProGineer Technologies is a proud member of the Palestinian IT Association of Companies, more commonly known as PITA for short. PITA is the country’s foremost trade association in the ICT sector, representing the information technology and telecommunications industry’s interests and well-being. By joining the association, ProGineer joins an exclusive list of some of the country’s biggest names in IT and communications.

What Does it Mean to be a PITA Member?

By being a part of PITA, ProGineer Technologies agrees to play an active role in encouraging and facilitating the continual exchange of information and industry updates with fellow member companies in the ICT sector. This can include best international business practices, technology updates, industry concerns and more. Take note that this is a back and forth exchange of ideas and information, which means that ProGineer stands to benefit from what other member companies share, much in the same way that they learn from what we know.

More importantly, this exchange of information effectively helps encourage the overall growth of the nation’s IT and telecommunications industry. New PITA members can greatly benefit from established companies, helping them grow and promote the increased development of the ICT sector.

In other words, being a PITA member means having a stake in helping promote the country’s ICT industry while finding ways to serve customers and clients better.

What is PITA?

The Palestinian IT Association of Companies (PITA) is a non-profit organization composed of information technology and telecommunications companies established in 1999. The association was founded entirely by Palestinian entrepreneurs and business owners, with the goal of representing the country’s then-budding ICT industry. PITA would find success not long after, going on to become a legally registered non-profit trade association under the country’s Ministry of National Economy.

PITA’s members adhere to transparency in business and frequent collaboration to hasten the growth of the ICT industry. PITA now represents more than 100 member companies in the IT sector, minus the large number of sub-sector companies in areas such as hardware distribution, office automation, telecommunications, consulting and software development, which ProGineer Technologies specializes in.