Software Development Services

ProGineer Technologies provides a wide range of software development services and custom software solutions unique to our customers’ specific industry requirements. We have a wide depth of expertise in:

1- In depth analysis of customer requirements.
2- Complex software system architecture design.
3- Various programming languages, including Java, C# and .Net, C, C++, PL/SQL, VB and Perl. ProGineer Technologies also has outstanding experience in a broad range of Java technologies and frameworks.
4- Advanced database management systems such as Oracle 11, Informix 11, MySQL and NoSQL data stores such as Cassandra.
5- Software architectural designs for complex systems that require high performance and efficiency.
6- Designing and developing for Windows, Unix Solaris, Redhat Linux and HP Unix both 32 and 64 bit platforms.
7- Advanced source control systems such as SVN.
8- Detailed project planning techniques.
Our main specialty is developing software solutions specifically designed for the semiconductor industry and its very complex needs.

At ProGineer Technologies, we make sure to go through all stages of the software development lifecycle thoroughly and carefully. We are committed to ensuring that our clients and their customers have needs and requirements met in a timely manner. Our engineers employ the Accept Planner system to centrally and efficiently:
1- Follow software roadmaps.
2- Track and assign software defects.
3- Track and assign feature requests and requirements.
4- Follow current status of development and QA teams.
5- Communicate questions and notes.