Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Welcome to ProGineer Technologies! Upon logging on to our website, please be reminded that you acknowledge your understanding of our site’s terms and conditions of use. These terms and conditions, together with ProGineer’s privacy policy, are important to go over and understand if you want to know about the implications of using our company’s website. If you do not understand or accept this site’s Terms and Conditions, we advise you to leave the site.
Before that, we need to make some terms and their meanings clear. Moving forward, the words ‘ProGineer Technologies’ or ‘ProGineer,’ as well as ‘us’ and ‘we’, shall now be directly refer to this site’s operators. Conversely, the terms ‘you’ and ‘your’ shall henceforth refer to the reader or user of ProGineer Technologies.

Content Usage
All logos, brands and content on this site, except as otherwise noted, are properties either owned, or used under license, by ProGineer Technologies. The use of said properties as well as any other type of content within this site without consent from ProGineer is strictly prohibited.
Likewise, you are also prohibited from selling, distributing, reproducing, displaying and/or modifying the content and materials found in this website, whether for public or commercial purposes without ProGineer’s permission.

Site Usage
Site users are prohibited from violating the security of this website. Any attempts to violate security are also prohibited. This includes

  • Accessing data not meant for general users and logging into an account or server prohibited from being accessed by unauthorized persons.
  • Probing the security and vulnerabilities of this website’s system and/or network with the goal of breaching security and authentication measures.
  • Impeding services provided to users, networks and hosts by actions such as, but not limited to, the submission of malware, viruses, flooding, overloading, spam, and more

ProGineer Technologies reserves the right to take legal action that may result in civil or criminal legal repercussions for offenders.

General Rules
Users are prohibited from using this website with the intent of distributing, storing or destroying content that could directly or indirectly lead to actions that may be considered as a criminal act or a violation of existing laws and regulations. This website cannot be used in a manner that infringes on intellectual property rights, trademark, copyright and trade secrets of other entities inside and/or outside the industry. Likewise, users are prohibited from using the website to intrude upon the privacy or publicity of others, whether in ways that are hateful, abusive, threatening, obscene, profane, pornographic, defamatory or libelous.

ProGineer Technologies’ website has links connecting to other sites. Such links are provided as a convenience to users. ProGineer Technologies is not responsible for wherever these links lead, as well as the content found in these linked sites. We are not responsible for ascertaining the accuracy or correctness of the content found on these sites.
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By subscribing to ProGineer Technologies’ services, you agree not to hold the company, its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, officers and employees liable to any fee from claims, actions, and demands resulting from your use of the material on this website. You agree not to hold ProGineer liable for any repercussions over your breach of the terms and conditions found on this page.

Although ProGineer Technologies has taken careful steps to providing content found on this website, we are not liable or responsible for any consequential liabilities resulting from the use of the information and content found on this site. We offer no warranty that guarantees this site to operate free of errors.
While ProGineer strives to maintain virus-free servers and networks, we offer no warranty against any computer infections or data damage caused by harmful computer mechanisms.