Working at ProGineer

Jobs at ProGineer Technologies:

Working at ProGineer Technologies will give you a wonderful career in the programming, IT and computer-engineering industry. We recruit the best talents that are passionate about what they do. ProGineer Technologies offers aspiring programmers and software developers a chance to work with international clients and create unique and creative programs and tools for them. Our staff works in a dynamic, young and entrepreneurial environment where they can develop their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. We take care of our staff members and provide them proper training that will not only enrich their knowledge in the industry, but will also let them grow as a co-worker and a person.

At ProGineer Technologies, we provide our employees with:

  •  A receptive, unique, and fun environment.
  •  Direct communication between management and employees.
  •  Open door environment. Everyone is free to express his or her ideas, thoughts and feeling. We are very open to productive criticism and work together to please everyone.
  •  Flexible working hours. We let our employees feel that they do not have to be much pressured with time so that they can work properly.
  •  Modern offices equipped with the latest technologies. We believe that it is important to provide our employees with the latest tool needed for their tasks.
  •  Exposure to international experience while working locally. The staff gets to work with international clients and projects.
  •  Business trips abroad. Work while traveling and having fun.
  • High quality medical insurance. We make sure that our team is well taken care of physically and mentally.

If you have the skill and the passion to develop programs and software, provide the best customer service, and make it big in the industry, apply for a position at ProGineer Technologies today. For interested applicants, email your resume to

Our human resource team will work on your application as soon as possible and match your abilities and skills with a challenging and interesting position at our company.