Welcome to ProGineer Technologies

Progineer Technologies is a leading outsourcing company that provides a multitude of Software Services spanning the complete software development cycle. Our main focus is serving corporate clients that seek professional results for a cost effective price.The services include Software Architecture and Design, Software Development, Quality Assurance (QA) services, Systems Integration, Customer Support and more. We at ProGineer Technologies take pride in having a small team of more than 50 engineers, that are highly capable software developers, computer engineers and IT specialists, whose collective experience and skill come together to provide exceptional services to our client's specific requirements. ProGineer Technologies’ core management has worked with some of the largest global names in the industry, providing services to international customers from all parts of the globe. We specialize in working remotely in a virtual environment, thanks to our team’s utilization of modern communications tools to make the exchange of information between our clients and us easier. At ProGineer Technoloiges, our focus is simple: to offer high quality, professional work in a timely manner, while making our solutions as cost-effective as possible.

News & Events

July-30-2013|A new milestone: ProGineer-Microsoft Partnership

We are happy to announce that ProGineer Technologies has passed the requirements for the Microsoft Silver Partnership. ProGineer Technologies is
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June-11-2013|ProGineer Technologies 3rd Annual Meeting

ProGineer Technologies held its 3rd Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 9th 2013. The Annual Meeting was held in Ramallah at
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June-05-2013|ProGineer Technologies participates in the Fourth Annual Engineering and Technology day at AAU

ProGineer Technologies participated in the fourth annual day of engineering and technology at the Arab American University that took place
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