Quality Assurance Services

ProGineer Technologies offers innovative and advanced automated and manual testing services targeted at the back-end (Server) and front-end (GUI) areas of a software product. We offer solutions for the test planning phase of a product (VTRs), as well as execution of the tests themselves, attuned specifically to requirement needs, helping improving product quality and speed up test cycles.

Our engineers have extensive experience using:
1- PERL DBI and shell scripting to create and automate backend server test suites
2- Tools like TestComplete to create and automate complex GUI interfaces
all according to specification required by the customers.

Quality Assurance also requires close interaction with the development teams. That is why our QA engineers are very proficient at using systems like the Accept Planner to communicate questions, notes and testing status to the rest of the teams. In addition, the QA team is very handy with source control systems such as SVN to stored and maintain historical changes to the test suites.

We guarantee to provide testing solutions that are clear, concise, scalable and effective, helping our clients achieve their operational and profit goals.